How Quint Studer can

Help your Organization…

and Your Community

The Busy Leader’s Handbook is more than a book. It’s a blueprint for transforming organizations of all shapes and sizes. It’s also a springboard for communities that want to strengthen and galvanize their local business presence as they move toward vibrancy.

Quint Studer, the author of The Busy Leader’s Handbook, is also a master speaker and consultant with decades of experience in helping people. Like many leaders, Quint has learned as his career progressed. He has gone from serving as president of a 1,700-employee organization to starting, building, and selling a company to now owning a number of small businesses, including a Double-A minor league baseball team. Along the way, he has picked up methods and insights from the many leaders he has worked with. Today, his Studer Community Institute (SCI) provides skill-building for entrepreneurs, managers and people in other leadership positions.

This book brings together much of what Quint learned throughout his career in business and as a community leader. He brings these lessons to life by helping you focus on the fundamentals of leadership and apply them to your own organization. Whether you’re a business owner or a community leader, you can engage Quint to help you in a variety of capacities:

For Organizations

Book Quint for a leadership workshop or engage him to speak to your business or organization. He will share proven best practices, tools, tips, and tactics for engaging employees, delighting customers, and sustaining high performance. You’ll be able to take what you learn and put it into practice right away.

Quint will help you:

• Get your organization back to basics and reinforce the leadership skills and behaviors that lead to consistently high organizational performance
• Move your middle management team to a higher level of effectiveness (this is the group that makes or breaks your company)
• Get everyone in your company aligned and singing from the same hymnal
• Create and sustain a culture that keeps employees engaged and motivated and attracts and retains high performers
• Hire the right people, onboard them in a way that immediately gets them on the right path, and optimize their performance over time
• Put the right processes, practices, and other foundational structures in place early on so that you create clarity and head off problems before they derail you

For Communities

Quint is in the business of helping communities revitalize themselves. His book Building a Vibrant Community: How Citizen-Powered Change Is Reshaping America provides a blueprint for community leaders and shares the story of Pensacola, Florida’s revitalization. (Visit to learn more.)

In the last four of five years, Pensacola has improved its assessed property value over 30 percent, has gotten investments in the downtown community up 60 percent, and has seen the population grow by 5.4 percent after years of decline. And a big part of its success has to do with its thriving and galvanized small business community and its well-trained business leaders.

Business owners are passionate about what they do; however, the skills needed to sustain a business are often not there. That’s why Studer Community Institute (SCI) offers “roundtables” and monthly training and development sessions to Pensacola business owners. Live workshops, webinars, online content, and toolkits help them increase productivity, reduce turnover, promote business growth and job creation, and improve service. SCI also sponsors EntreCon, an annual conference focused on entrepreneurship and continued learning.

Training small business owners in the fundamentals of great leadership just makes sense for communities looking to become more vibrant. Successful business owners create jobs. They pay rent and taxes. They also give back to the community in other ways. Yet it’s estimated that 40 percent of new businesses fail in their first year and that 80 percent don’t make it five years. Strong, vibrant communities make it easy for new businesses to get started and help keep existing ones healthy long-term. They know transferring vital knowledge and experience to entrepreneurs is critical to everyone’s success.

Quint can assist your community in developing the training and development infrastructure to help your small businesses thrive long-term.

You will learn:
• How to identify the leadership skills your community should focus on
• How to identify local talent to handle the teaching and coaching
• How to organize and market monthly training sessions and business roundtables
• How to set scheduling, pricing, and sponsors
• How to galvanize your small business community (and why you should)
• How to set up and run a small business challenge
• How to utilize resources such as monthly small business columns and EntreCon

The above items are just examples of what Quint can focus on in his presentations and workshops. He will gladly customize a session for your organization or community.

To learn more or to engage Quint for a speaking event or training workshop, please call Nicole Webb Bodie at 850-748-2027 or email

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