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When deciding which companies to invest in, we definitely take a long hard look at the executive leadership team. However, it goes much deeper than that. How they develop their middle management team is also crucial to the long-term success of a company. Sometimes, this transfer of knowledge is where companies struggle. This book is not only a great playbook for CEOs, but it would be a very effective tool for creating a strong leadership framework throughout their entire organization. It’s a simple easy read, filled with tactics that could create a strong leadership foundation in any company.”

Charles Dieveney,
Managing Director
Juggernaut Capital Partners

Quint is one of the most dynamic leaders on the planet. His new book covers all the bases on how to truly lead in a hyper-efficient world. It is an easy read that offers practical and actionable advice on how to handle almost any situation as a leader. This handbook is one that I will continue to reference and read over and over again in reflection of how I am performing as a leader. It is a book every leader should read, then go share it with their team!

We brought Quint Studer to Springfield, Ohio recently to help teach our leaders how to dream bigger. He humbly met with various stakeholder groups, pouring out many of the valuable nuggets shared in his new book. We are forever changed by those visits and thankful for his willingness to share with the world the tools that are now helping us build a vibrant community.”

Michael McDorman
President and CEO
The Chamber of Greater Springfield, OH

Quint has hit the bulls-eye for today’s busy leader! A treasure trove of fundamentals and best practices, this book goes way beyond “ideas” and “motivation” and delivers the “how to” that is so critical to every leader. This book will be a permanent resident in my briefcase for years to come.”

Brad Phelps
State Farm Insurance Agency, Pensacola, FL

I have had the privilege of working with Quint in various capacities over the past 25 years and can personally attest that the evidence-based practices outlined in this book can and do lead to astonishing performance improvements! Quint has helped me lead not one, not two, but THREE remarkable health system transformations. First, he served as my COO when I was President and CEO at Holy Cross Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. Next, he acted as a friend and advisor supporting my efforts to lead a major system turnaround during my tenure as President and CEO at Rochester General Health System in Rochester, NY. And today, he serves as a Board Trustee guiding the transformation work I am again leading as President and CEO at TriHealth in Cincinnati, OH.

The common denominator for success in all three cases was the consistent introduction, adoption and hardwiring of leadership, employee engagement and organizational development practices – all underpinned by a foundation of mission, vision and values – as outlined in this handbook. Without fail, all three organizations experienced remarkable performance improvements across key metrics, including People/Culture, Customer Experience, Quality/Safety, Growth and Finance. And in every case, these improvements led to national recognition for being a top industry performer, and a model and benchmark for getting healthcare right.

The Busy Leader’s Handbook is a must-read for any leader who’s short on time, but long on commitment and desire to develop great teams and organizations that are built to excel.”

Mark C. Clement
President and CEO

Congrats to Quint Studer for giving it to us straight. The Busy Leader’s Handbook is a “must read” for anyone with aspirations to lead people and ultimately an organization.

I loved Quint’s plea for leaders to be more self-aware, to check the ego at the door, and to lead with humility. Over the years, I’ve seen many talented individuals sidelined by ego and/or their inability to listen.

Successful leaders will also choose to follow Quint’s blueprint for recognizing superior work while also connecting people with purpose - thus creating a positive workplace culture. Simply put, it’s ALWAYS about the relationships. No matter if you are dealing with Baby Boomer, a Millennial or someone from Gen Z – relationships will always pay.

Lastly, I thoroughly enjoyed Quint’s vision for investing in the development of structure, process and people. A successful leader is an individual disciplined enough to set a vision and expectations while also understanding that people make the ultimate difference. It’s pretty simple – great people can make great leaders.

Again, I applaud Quint Studer for sharing his vast insights and leadership experiences. The Busy Leaders Handbook is a valuable tool on so many fronts.”

Dave St. Peter
President and CEO
Minnesota Twins

Quint has now done for communities and business what he did for the healthcare community. He’s identified simple, high-impact foundational leadership behaviors that, when done correctly, pack a big punch. And he doesn’t just tell you the what, he also tells you the how, as the book is filled with tactics to take any leader to the next level. I believe in developing a strong leadership team and empowering them to make decisions. It can be tricky to create a team that moves in unison. Tools like The Busy Leaders Handbook is a great resource for training and making sure everyone is on the same page.“

Javier Hernandez-Lichtl
CEO & Chief Academic Officer
West Kendall Baptist Hospital at Baptist Health South Florida, Inc.

My life’s work is to help every woman become the best version of herself. A huge part of that is focusing on the “big picture” like passion and courage and finding your voice, but you also need a firm grasp of the practical side of leadership. That’s what helps you connect with others in a meaningful way—and that’s what The Busy Leader’s Handbook provides. It’s a practical toolkit that can help all women, including the vital group of Millennials I focus on, maximize their potential and power. I want to commend Quint’s efforts and impactful work on this book, as with all his previous books. I love that he is driven to help each of us become the best we can be.”

Tiffany Pham
Founder and CEO

Because a few years ago I wrote a book about leadership, mentoring and the basic laws of success, people frequently ask me about the best path to becoming a successful leader. My favorite new answer is, “Hang around Quint Studer, and listen.” Fortunately for everyone in the pursuit of a successful leadership career or personal life, you don’t have to go find Quint. He has found you.

In his new book, The Busy Leader’s Handbook, Quint shares a wealth of real-time, practical action steps for engaged leaders looking for answers, emerging leaders looking for an edge, and rising high achievers who want a head start. Quint addresses each of the three areas that are so very critical to a leader’s success: self leadership and self development, employee leadership to maximize employee performance, and organizational leadership for building, driving and sustaining a successful organization.

The Busy Leader’s Handbook is a reference goldmine for leaders at all levels, filled with actionable “how to” advice, ready to use right now and throughout a rising career.

I wish Quint had written this book when I was 30. It would have accelerated my leadership curve dramatically and saved me a lot of scars.“

Bert Thornton
Former President and COO
Vice Chairman Emeritus
Waffle House, Inc.

I have read a lot of leadership books over the years and this one might be my favorite. It is a simple, easy, practical read. Quint Studer has taken complex topics and broken them down in a way that makes them feel doable. (This is Quint’s gift!) I also think he did a smart thing by not making this a cover-to-cover narrative—if you’re struggling in a certain area you can just go to the table of contents and then flip to the needed chapter. Whether you are new to leadership or need a gentle reminder of what “right” looks like, this is a must-read handbook for everyone in your organization.”

Ben Bates
Chairman, Coldwell Banker Ben Bates, Inc.
Chairman, Bates Hewett & Floyd Insurance Agency
Partner, Beck Chevrolet Buick GMC Dealership in Palatka, FL

For 15 years, my private practice as a psychotherapist concentrated on helping people work toward healthier relationships, so I naturally read The Busy Leader’s Handbook from that perspective. Quint Studer speaks to the heart of the person, and Quint obviously understands that the best leaders are good at forging authentic connections and building relationships. Since we live in an age when these are vital business skills—they’re key to creating cultures of innovation, collaboration, and engagement—this book is a must-read for anyone who leads or wants to lead. The bonus is it just might spur you on to become a better human being who doesn’t shy away from all that it takes to enjoy those authentic relationships."

Connie Bookman, LCSW
Founder and CEO
Pathways For Change

The Busy Leader’s Handbook is a practical, easy-to-follow ‘how-to’ guide for bringing out the best in yourself, your team and your organization – and best of all, it works! The wisdom and proven techniques shared by Quint Studer in this book have been honed over nearly three decades of experience helping leaders and organizations achieve major cultural and organizational transformations.

I’m a big believer in providing training and development for all my employees. At World of Beer, everyone we hire gets 40 hours of training before they set foot on the floor. We immerse everyone in our mission, vision, values and our leadership philosophy. When I read Quint’s book my first thought was “Wow, I wish I could have gotten my hands on this when we were starting out!” I loved the simple, straightforward, practical advice. This is a blueprint for any company wanting to build a strong culture where everyone sings from the same choir book and strives to get better and better. It’s a compass that ensures everyone, top to bottom, gets consistent messages about the principles of great leadership. Finally, any young entrepreneur would love Quint’s insights on managing things that get in your way that you don’t even know to look for—by holding up the mirror, by being humble, by staying coachable so you can adapt and adjust. My favorite part? I know Quint personally and he truly walks the walk. Highly recommended!”

Scott Zepp
World of Beer Franchising, Inc.

My company grew from 4 employees to over 70 very quickly. Multiple layers of management sprung up between me and my frontline employees, almost overnight. Making sure everyone was living the culture wasn’t easy. The Busy Leader’s Handbook is the perfect field guide for companies going through such rapid growth. It helps you put the right structures in place—structures that help you stay focused on excellence while preserving the relationships that keep people inspired and motivated. (Walking this tightrope can be a huge challenge.) Readers will unearth lots of golden nuggets they’ll want to pick up and put into practice at every stage of the journey.”

Harold Griffin, Jr.
Director of Business Development
ITL Solutions

Before I was a small business owner, I worked in HR, so I have always been extremely interested in anything that had to do with employees. I’ve spent my whole career studying culture and how to create a place where great employees want to be. This book nails it! It teaches you how to create an environment where employees feel valued and cared for! It also helps you develop the kind of leaders that inspire employees to do their best and that is the absolute key to any company’s success. If you can hardwire these behaviors in your organization, keeping talent in a tight labor market won’t be a problem. What a great book and training tool! I wish I had written it!”

Sondra Eoff
Odessa Pumps

When you need to build a solid culture, middle managers hold the keys to the kingdom. We have 200 employees in seven different offices so we see this truth in action every day. Studer’s book is a gold mine for this group. It’s the perfect vehicle for knowledge transfer on every aspect of leadership. I appreciate that it’s short and readable, almost like a streamlined encyclopedia that lets busy managers skip right to the topic they need. Like any service company, hiring the right people is huge for us and I know The Busy Leader’s Handbook will help. I look forward to using it to select and retain talent, onboard new employees, and promote consistency in every corner of our culture.”

Drew Adams
Engineered Cooling Services

This book is a must read for everyone, especially “Busy Leaders.” As an owner of a growing company, I encounter big and small challenges daily, and this book addressed all of them. It felt as if it had been written for me and was meant for me to read in this very moment. I also thought of every manager I work with and how the steps shared in the book are exactly what they need. Plus, the content is great and can be broken down into training segments, webinars or seminars. The Busy Leader’s Handbook is a business staple with tips the reader can immediately implement. Finally, I appreciate Quint’s insight and how easy he makes it to apply the concepts in business. He’s been a guiding light to me and our company through all the books that he’s written, the seminars that he’s done, and his leadership in general.”

Kristine Rushing
COO, Risk Consultant
Beck Partners

As a President of a Minority Chamber of Commerce, I see the Busy Leader’s Handbook as a road map that all leaders of diverse employees should follow. Each chapter will guide leaders at ALL levels to better themselves, leverage the unique traits of their team members, and build an environment where everyone is treated fairly. Leaders often feel they can’t block off long periods of time to read books, but this one is quick and easy. In fact, I could read it on my phone because it is so concise. The short chapters and repetition of key points allow leaders to quickly access the information that they need to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities. Finally, I loved Quint’s emphasis on being vulnerable: it’s refreshing to see a leader focus on admitting mistakes, apologizing when you are wrong, and slowing down when needed to produce desired outcomes.”

Brian Wyer
Gulf Coast Minority Chamber of Commerce

This is a phenomenal resource not just for leaders and business owners, but for any person seeking ways in which to better understand how to live and interact well with others. Quint has such a talent for filtering through mountains of research and information and to deftly help us apply those important lessons in our daily lives. He delivers another well-written, straight-to-the-point guidebook for those in the field.

As professionals are won’t to do, I find myself guilty of working in the business more than on it. Just in the time it took me to read this book, I was faced with issues related to how to best conduct an employee review (there is a chapter on that), how to breakdown an “us versus them” culture (there is a chapter on that), and why I tend to avoid conflict (there is a chapter on that). For a practitioner working in the business, this is a quick and fast resource for addressing the important issues of the business.“

Andrew Foxworth
Foxworth, Shepard & Bruhl, P.A.

Reading Quint’s new book, The Busy Leader’s Handbook, was very enlightening and refreshing as I have had the unique honor of working with Quint in many different aspects. Not only is Quint training our leadership team in these exact attributes, he and his team are also working with our City Council in guiding them on the right strategic path, along with getting more civic engagement for our City.

It is easy to get complacent as a leader when things are going well, but dealing with conflict and negativity isn’t easy. This book provides great ideas and insight on making sure leaders stay focused and on the right track. A lot of the issues addressed in the book are issues the City is currently dealing with: Change, Employee Engagement, Performance Reviews and Employee Development & Training. I will be able to take the ideas from this book and implement them to make the City of Fort Walton Beach a better place to live, work and play, and I will be able to ensure I stay on the right track in growing as a leader along with my leadership team and all employees.

Employees are the heartbeat of any organization. It is imperative that leaders nurture that relationship and develop employees as future leaders while making sure all employees and customers know the “why” and the “what”.

This is a must-read for any leader, future leader, employee, boss, etc, as the ideas addressed in this book apply to everyone in an organization.”

Michael D. Beedie, P.E.
City Manager
City of Fort Walton Beach

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